Aubrey Stone


 A mentor, a teacher, a motivator, but most of all a leader, yes all describe the man, the person who has dedicated his life to public service and economic development. Aubry Stone always views the glass as half full versus half empty. His optimistic outlook is demonstrated by his belief that no life obstacle is insurmountable. It is simply a matter of attitude, tenacity, focus and perseverance.

Mr. Stone is currently the President/CEO of the California Black Chamber of Commerce (CBCC) and Director of the California Black Chamber Foundation. He aggressively led the California Black Chamber in such public policy issues as: Prop 187 co-authored the 9th Circuit Injunction against implementation of Prop 209, publicly advocated against Brown-fields, the urban environment, the inner city impact of bank acquisitions and mergers and leads the charge of new and emerging markets. Aubry’s single-minded focus is the creation of individual and community wealth through small business growth development and sustainability. Additionally, he serves on the California Utilities Diversity Council, the Cal-Trans Small Business Board, and the Department of General Services, He is the co-founder and also Board Chairman of the U. S. Black Chamber based in Washington, DC.


Aubry Stone is consistently providing vast insight on economic development through business creation, growth and sustainability and his diligence has granted him the opportunity to speak to audiences in numerous locations throughout the U. S.

Under Aubry’s direction, the California Black Chamber Foundation became the state’s only African American owned and operated low powered radio station (97.5 KDEE FM) serving the Sacramento Region and streaming online worldwide. Aubry received the Sacramento Observer Newspaper’s Lifetime Achievement Award for being one of the most influential African-American in the city of Sacramento over the past 40 years.