We are excited to announce Project Help has partnered with meU CARE to bring patients and physicians a HIPAA compliant video messaging platform to ensure best practices are being attained from treatment to post treatment

Communication Platform

 Project Help has selected meU CARE as our preferred choice to bring our partners a platform that will allow doctors and institutions to connect and exchange information when an active ARDS case is identified. Our objective is to work with the referring hospitals patient coordinator or ICU coordinator to identify these cases. Upon identification that coordinator can submit the patient’s criteria into the system to determine if they are a candidate. Privacy issues are recognized and will maintain HIPAA compliance. The system will be easy to use as a conduit for parties to connect and communicate until a plan for treatment and care is determined that is in the best interests of the patient, and throughout post treatment care of the patient.

       MeU CARE is the leading HIPAA compliant mobile video communications company. It offers clinicians, patients, caregivers and families a secure web and mobile video messaging platform for Patient/Member Engagement; Discharge Planning; Home Care; and Clinician Consults. www.meuhealth.com